Therapy Team

The therapy team at Sense Ability has a broad range of experiences including autism, sensory processing, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and developmental delay.

Coralie Clifford MHlthSc(Syd) DipOT
Occupational Therapist

Coralie is the Director of Sense Ability Paediatric Occupational Therapy. She has over 40 years experience as an Occupational Therapist, having worked across a broad range of age groups and disabilities. Since moving from Sydney to the Central Coast over 25 years ago, she has worked in the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and private practice, including State Health and Commonwealth Disability Services, the Autism Association and the Spastic Centre.

Her Master’s Degree in Health Science involved course work in learning difficulties and motor coordination, as well as clinical research into sensory processing disorders. In addition to her clinical work, Coralie has presented training and workshops for other professionals, parents and carers. Coralie provides mentoring and supervision to other therapists and students.

Coralie is an accredited DIR/Floortime therapist and has been trained in Sensory Integration (SCSIT qualification) through the University of Sydney. Other areas of training relating to children include the Wilbarger Protocol and The Listening Program, as well as many other techniques in handwriting and sensory motor interventions. She is well equipped and highly experienced to provide intervention for children and to consult with and advise families regarding best practice for their children.

Genevieve Dorrough BOcc.Thy (Hons.)(Newcastle)
Occupational Therapist

Genevieve has a Bachelor of OT (Honors) from the University of Newcastle as well as a Bachelor of Arts, Australian National University. She has been exposed to a range of therapeutic interventions across the age span, including access, equipment and mobility, however, she has a particular interest in working with children. Genevieve’s Honors project focused on tactile perception in Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which has inspired her to continue to build her professional knowledge and experience in this field.